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Overnight Grafix Warranty Overnight Grafix guarantees our 1-year warranty on installation of our wraps.

This only includes installer error issues like bubbles, peeling/lifting edges, or recessed vinyl separation due to install error. This warranty does not include normal wear and tear because of weather conditions like excessive heat, hail, or other factors that could potentially damage the vinyl. This warranty does not include pre-existing paint problems. Newly repainted vehicles, matte or satin finishes, or grinded down to metal surfaces which are considered paint issues that are not covered by our guarantee. For a specific in depth analysis of your vehicle please let us know BEFORE any wrapping is done. We can help determine if the paint is sustainable for wrapping and provide a more personalized warranty based on your vehicle.

Please note that door handles usually have issues before the one year mark which we will replace if need be.

Please note that normal wear and tear requires maintenance that is not covered by our warranty. This is due to several factors such as the vehicle not being stored properly, dust and dirt remaining on the vehicle for too long without being properly washed, or the wrap being exposed to excessive heat for prolonged periods of time. If you have any questions regarding your personal warranty, please reach out to us for a specific list of areas to watch for as some areas do receive more wear than others. Please reach out to us as soon as any peeling, bubbling, or recess vinyl separation is noticed so that we can fix any issues before they become a “negligence” issue which we will not cover.

Damage is considered negligence when failure to address a small problem leads to significant damage and voids warranty coverage. It is vital that you let us know as soon as any issue is noticed so that we may get it addressed as soon as possible.

Overnight Grafix aims to ensure customer satisfaction by addressing concerns proactively and collaboratively.

Things to consider:

Heat damage is the biggest threat to your wrap. Parking your car in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time will severely damage your wrap by burning the vinyl. A wrapped vehicle is a high maintenance/luxury, and it should be taken care of by being stored in the shade when not in use. We can refer you to a great car cover which is a great option to protect your vehicle wrap. Parking in direct sunlight (not in a carport or garage) in Southern California COULD damage your wrap before your 1-year warranty expires. Please know that this does not fall under our warranty because sun damage is considered negligence.

Washing your vehicle by hand is the safest way to prolong the life of your wrap. We offer tips and products that can help keep your wrap looking new and flawless. Please avoid going through automatic car washes. This will create swirls, scratches, and possible rips in the wrap because of the machinery and components being used.

If you experience a car crash and the vinyl is damaged it does not fall under our warranty. It will most likely be an insurance claim that is between you and your insurance provider. We do however work with insurance companies to rewrap the damaged area. If your vehicle is damaged in only one area, you may need to wrap the entire vehicle again because the replacement wrap will look off. This is usually because it is freshly applied and the color will be more vibrant. It really depends on how much time has passed since the vehicle was wrapped. Please reach out to your insurance provider about what is covered under your policy, so that all of your concerns are met.

Vandalism is not covered under our warranty. Again, please refer to your insurance policy for the most accurate information. We do work with insurance companies. We can work with your insurance company once a claim has been made. No work will be performed without proper approval from both the insurance company and the vehicle owner.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns regarding our policy for our 1-year warranty. 

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