Proofing Policy

An approval to send an order to print is confirmation that you have reviewed the proofs/product completely, agree that all content in the proofs are correct, and hereby release Overnigth Grafix from liability of any content errors that should be discovered after production begins.

Proofing is an important step. Whether you have submitted your own artwork or Overnigth Grafix designs it for you, it is YOUR responsibility to check for any errors prior to printing. Please carefully check spelling, phone numbers, fonts, placement and all other details.


Electronic proofs closely represent the image, color and text placement, but is not the exact color. This is due to your monitor’s color settings being slightly different than that of the designers as well as the printer’s machinery. The colors of your proofs as they appear on your monitor, are only a close representation of the final printed piece. Your monitor uses a completely different system for displaying colors (RGB) to what is used in the print business CMYK or Pantone. colors may vary depending on your monitor’s brightness, contrast and color adjustment settings. The image may appear larger or smaller than actual production size depending on the resolution of your monitor. We can not be responsible for variances in final printed colors unless they are outside of our production department’s ink tolerance specifications.


To limit any possible errors in artwork, designs will not go to production until they have been approved by the client. Overnigth Grafix will not be held responsible for errors if the client misses something in the proof, has reused a printed or digital proof, or if the client, during order placement, has requested the order go to production without proofing.


Overnigth Grafix shall make every effort to ensure the final product is free of any grammatical and spelling errors, before giving the final product to the client. It is agreed that it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that there are no spelling or grammatical errors contained in the final product. It is agreed that Overnigth Grafix is not responsible or held liable for any errors contained in the final product after the final proof has been approved by the client or the final product has been approved by the client, committed to print, or posted in view of the public.


Overnigth Grafix will endeavor to ensure that only royalty free images are used in custom designs. It is agreed that Overnigth Grafix, its officers, employees, shareholders, directors and suppliers, will not be held liable for any damages, costs and expenses, including reasonable legal fees, arising out of or related issues, copyright, or trademark infringement resulting from images used upon request of the client or provided by the client.

Reprint/Return Policy
If there is any issue with your order you must report the problem within 10 business days after the delivery date.
Please call us and a representative will assist. If you do not contact us with in that time frame we will assume that your job was
correct at the time of receipt.

The following are some guidelines and examples of issues that do not constitute grounds for a refund, or a return or reprint of a product:
• An order that is refused at time of delivery or undeliverable orders. (We will reship the product at the customer's expense if requested).
• The product is lost, delayed or returned to us due to an error made by the customer in submitting the proper shipping address.
(For product that is later found or that is returned to us we will reship the package with a corrected address and charge an additional
shipping fee for the shipment).

• Product that is delayed in production and/or shipping as a result of the customer providing inaccurate information.
• Product that incurs a higher shipping charge as a result of the customer providing inaccurate information.
• Product that is delayed in production and/or shipping as a result of shipping company delays, acts of God, weather conditions,
environmental or dangerous goods incidents, perils of the air, public enemies, public authorities acting with actual or apparent
authority, acts or omissions of customs ocials, authority of law, quarantine, riots, strikes, work stoppages or slowdowns, or other
labor disputes or disturbances, civil commotions or hazards incident to a state of war, local or national disruptions in ground or air
transportation networks or systems due to events beyond our control, disruption or failure of communication and information
systems, disruption or failure of utilities, international customs issues, and any other circumstances that are beyond our direct control.
• Errors that are contained in the uploaded customer file, e.g., misspelling, graphics, grammar, damaged fonts, punctuation, die lines.

• Orders that are duplicated as a result of customer error.
• Orders that are canceled after the order has entered into production (or any process thereafter).
• Orders that contain dated materials that arrive after the relevant date or with insufficient time to use the material as intended.
• It is a customer's responsibility to allow sufficient time when placing an order for time sensitive materials.

What file types does Overnight Grafix accept?
We accept JPG, PNG, PSD, TIFF, AI (Illustrator), InDesign and PDF (single page) file formats. Please make sure your artwork size is the
same exact size of your order. Also do not include any bleed or crop marks.

* We do not accept Microsoft Word or Publisher format, if you created your file using Microsoft programs, we recommend to save your
file(s) as PDF then submit your order.

What file specications does Overnight Grafix recommend for fast processing?
While we accept most formats, .pdf usually processes faster than most file types. We also suggest 150 dpi resolution at
100% of the final print size.

Should I include any fonts with my files?
NO. Instead, please ensure that all fonts are outlined prior to le upload. If you are using Photoshop, please provide attened le only.

Do I need bleed or crop marks for my files?
No bleed or crop marks. Make your artwork match the size requested on the order. We are not responsible for crop marks or
registration printed.

What is the diference between raster and vector?
Raster-based artwork such as photos or attened artwork (from Adobe Photoshop) are made up of tiny squares (pixels), and depending
on your resolution and/or nal output size desired, the file could have a low quality end result. Any raster elements you wish to use
should have a high enough resolution (DPI) before considering them for your large format product.

Vector-based artwork such as illustrations or clip-art style elements (from Adobe Illustrator) is made with mathematical calculations,
and can be scaled up to any size without losing quality. Keep in mind that any eects used in Adobe Illustrator are raster-based and
have transparency: this greatly adds to file size and you must have correct settings in your "Document Raster Eects Settings" to
ensure best output for these eects. If you are doing a photo-quality print on a 36" x 48" poster, and leave the raster eects settings
at default 72 DPI - you may see tiny squares in your drop shadows, as opposed to a smooth shadow.

Does Overnight Grafix print borders?
You may include borders in your artwork, but we do not recommend it. Borders may vary from batch to batch making exact
cuts very dicult. We will not reprint an order with borders of varying widths.

What is overprint, and how can it ruin my file?
Overprint is used to intentionally overlap inks for a number of reasons. We suggest that you turn all overprint objects o before
submitting, for it may cause unexpected results.

What settings should I create my PDF in Adobe Illustrator?
For Illustrator CS2 and above it is recommended to use the "High Quality Print" preset.

Do you print using any Spot or Pantone colors at Overnight Grafix?
We only print 4 color process (CMYK). If you use Spot or Pantone colors, please have them converted to process colors
prior to file upload.

Do you color match?
We do not color match.

What size are your grommets?
We use #2 grommets, which are approximately 3/8''. Grommets are placed every 2' standard.

Explanation for turnaround service
Turnaround time begins once your file is uploaded.
If your file is placed on hold, the turnaround time will begin once you select 'Run As Is' or once a re-uploaded file is received.
If an email design proof is requested, the turnaround time will begin once you approve the design proof.
All the times are based on normal business days, Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays.
Please note this does not include shipping time.

• Cut of time for NEXT DAY orders is 2PM Pacific time & SAME DAY orders is 10AM Pacific time. 
• Turnaround times begin when the proof is approved or you may choose "No Proof" to send your order directly to production as is. 
• Please note that turnaround time does not include shipping or mailing time. You may select from available production turnaround times and your preferred shipping time as you place your order. 
• Files must be uploaded before the cut off time. If you request a proof, for Next day orders you must approve your proof by 3PM Pacific time and for Same day orders for you must approve your proof by 11AM Pacific timeturnaround time to begin. 

If an order is uploaded on a business day BEFORE 2 p.m. PST, then it will be shipped on the following business day.
(If there is a problem with the file, it won't be shipped the next day.)

Store Pick-up (City Of Industry, CA)
If an order is uploaded on a business day BEFORE 2 p.m. PST, then it will be available for pick-up in NEXT business day after 3:30 p.m. PST.
(If there is a problem with the file, it won't be ready for pick-up the next day.)
You will receive an email notication if the order is ready earlier

Same Day Order

Shipping Orders
If an order is uploaded on a business day BEFORE 10 a.m. PST, then it will be shipped the same day.
(If there is a problem with the file, it won't be shipped until the next day.)

Store Pick-up (City Of Industry, CA)

If an order is uploaded on a business day BEFORE 10 a.m. PST, then it will be available for pick-up in SAME DAY after 3:30 p.m. PST.

(If there is a problem with the file, it won't be ready for pick-up the next day.)
You will receive an email notication if the order is ready earlie

Can I ship your products on my shipping account?
At this time, we do not have this option.

Can I upgrade my shipping?
Yes, you can. However, you must upgrade your shipping before 12 noon PST on the day your job will ship out. Please call us to upgrade.

Can I change my order from store pickup to shipping?
Yes, you can. However, this would have to be done before 12 noon PST on the day your job is completed.
If not, it will ship out the next day. Please call us for shipping.

How come my order shipment is taking longer than expected?
Orders shipping via UPS Ground may take 1-5 business days in transit depending on your location. Weekends, holidays,
and observance days do not count as transit days.

Note: We are not liable for late shipments due to UPS exceptions, such as bad weather conditions. If you received a late package and
would like to be considered for a shipping refund, please notify us. We will contact UPS to see if a reimbursement is possible,
however it is not guaranteed.

Order cancellation
An order can be canceled and get full refund at any time prior to it entering into production or approval of PDF proof (if requested),
To cancel an order please contact our customer service.

Why does it take so long to upload filles?
Your file size and your network connection are the two main factors afecting upload speed. Another way to ensure your file gets
uploaded in a timely manner is attening your files.

Do you offer same day service?
Yes, we do. However, your order has to be placed before 12 noon PST to be qualied for same day service.

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